Nissan Cambridge Basic Research

CBR is a new research laboratory on the 3d floor of 4 Cambridge Center in Kendall Square, one block from both the Media Laboratory and the AI Laboratory. It is an open, basic research laboratory interested in the driving experience. The principal scientists currently at (or visiting) the lab are Jack Beusmans, Andy Liu, Ron Rensink, Jim Clark, Kevin O'Regan, and Ellen Hildreth. Participating scientists include Whitman Richards (MIT), Warren Seering (MIT), and Alex Pentland (MIT), Ken Nakayama (Harvard), and Catherine Harris (Northeastern).

Research projects to be shown at the Open House

``Virtual Environment'' Driving Simulator built around a Nissan 240SX

Modelling visual attention and relation of eye movements to image salience.
Jim Clark

Looking but not seeing: How attention can be controlled to allow large image changes to become effectively invisible.
Ron Resink

Control of locomotion is based on models of scene layout, not on optic flow directly.
Jack Beusmans

Route learning in Silicon Town, showing that route knowledge is pragmatic: it combines pictorial memory and procedural memory.
Vlada Aginsky, Jack Beusmans, Catherine Harris, Ronald Rensink

You only see what you attend to: Visual transients make it very difficult to notice that large portions of the picture have been modified.
O'Regan, Rensink, Clark