First International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention

A merger of CVRMED, MRCAS and VBC

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA
October 11-13, 1998

Call for Papers

General Co-Chairs
Takeyoshi Dohi, Tokyo University
Eric Grimson, MIT
Ron Kikinis, Harvard Medical School
Program Co-Chairs
Alan Colchester, Kent University
Scott Delp, Northwestern University
William Wells, Harvard Medical School

Purpose: The formation of MICCAI acknowledges the overlap and synergy of the three vigorous strands of research in medically-oriented visualization, image understanding, and robotics that is represented by the independently successful CVRMeD, MRCAS and VBC meetings.

The goal of the organizing committee is to maintain the momentum of the previous meetings and launch an annual meeting conforming to the highest possible standard that will bring together scientists from the fields of medicine and engineering. The meeting will be organized in a single track, without parallel sessions. The focus is on the introduction and validation of new image computing and image-guided interventional methodology into clinical practice. The emphasis will be on high quality work, whether methodological or clinical evaluation. The conference will continue to stress a central theme of its predecessor conferences, in which strongly coupled interactions between clinicians and scientists provide a common focus for innovative development and deployment of new methods and systems.

Topics to be addressed in this conference include, but are not restricted to:

Medical Image Computing:
- constructing patient-specific models
- multimodal fusion
- virtual or augmented reality visualizations
- image guided therapy
- anatomical atlases
- data registration
- tracking and localization of patients and tools
- clinical analysis, change detection, diagnosis
- quantitative analysis
- time series analysis
- finite element modeling
- integration of functional methods with morphology

Computer Assisted Interventional Systems:
- medical telepresence and telesurgery
- surgical simulators
- therapy planning
- medical manipulators
- safety issues

Clinical Applications of Computer Assisted Systems:
- clinical evaluation of systems
- novel applications of interventional systems in surgical specialites (e.g. Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, ENT surgery, Radiation therapy).

Authors are invited to submit high-quality manuscripts for competitive review -- abstracts will not be accepted.

Submission details: Authors should submit 4 copies of their manuscript to:

c/o Eric Grimson
MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
545 Technology Square
Cambridge MA 02139

The length and format specifications for the initial submission have been relaxed somewhat. You may utilize any reasonably readable format, with the maximum length depending on the main text font size as follows:
10 point main text font : maximum length 8 pages
11 point main text font : maximum length 10 pages
12 point main text font : maximum length 12 pages
The proceedings are probably going to be produced in the computer science lecture notes series by Springer Verlag, and formatting instructions, including templates in MS Word and in Latex are are available from Springer Verlag Author Instructions

However *note* the following two points:
The initial submissions should be sent to the address listed above, NOT to Springer Verlag.
Also note that use of the Springer formats is *not* required for the initial submission.

Contrary to earlier information, we are not providing for electronic submission of the initial manuscripts; please send 4 copies to the address listed above.

Key dates:
Submission of manuscripts March 3, 1998
Notification of acceptance June 15, 1998
Receipt of camera ready copy July 21, 1998
Conference starts October 10, 1998