Some Desiderata for Professional Development in 6.036**

Professional development in 6.036 comprises complex activities which are interrelated and interdependent. It is an organic process that unfolds according to its own pace and rhythm. Assessment of development should include actively searching for, and documenting, evidence of development across multiple desiderata.

We discuss some desiderata for professional development in the sections below.

A. Confidence and Independence

Confidence and independence in professional abilities. We see growth and development where confidence and independence become consonant with

It is not a simple case of "more (confidence and independence) is better." The overconfident student who has relied on faulty or underdeveloped skills and methods learns to ask for help when facing an obstacle; the shy student begins to trust their own abilities and to advocate their own point of view.

B. Interaction Methods and Skills

Methods and skills involved in professional interactive activities. These include:

Teaming, partnering, and networking are used in a variety of arenas and using various technologies where

C. Content Knowledge and Understanding

Content knowledge and understanding refers to specific information that professionals must know to be competent. Content knowledge and understanding is the most familiar desiderata for professional development, focusing on the "know-what" aspect.

D. Reflection

Developing awareness and understanding of professional processes. This is the ability to "step back" and consider a professional situation critically and analytically with growing insight. Reflection helps

The above desiderata for professional development cannot be treated individually. They are dynamically interwoven and interdependent.

**The above desiderata arre derived from "Integration of the Learning Record in Computer-Enhanced Classrooms: Information provided to Students" by M. A. Syverson, Ph.D. CAETI Community Meeting. March 20-22, 1996. Arlington, Texas.