Meeting times

Tomas Lozano-Perez (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 13:35:24 -0400 (EDT)

We WILL NOT have a regular class meeting on Thursday (April 9), I
encourage you to use the time for a group meeting.

We WILL have a regular class meeting next Tuesday (April 14). That
will be the day to fill out Course Evaluation forms. Also, if you
have any technical questions, this would be a good time to ask them.
In fact, if you E-mail me with any questions ahead of time; I can try
to prepare.

Next week (and the following weeks), we will also have individual
group meetings.

For the meetings, please have a brief write-up outlining your
progress. Be prepared to discuss your design and the division of

The list below is my proposed schedule of those, which is consistent
with the data I got from you. All meetings are 30min. Let me know if
you have trouble with the chosen time.




12:30 MusicMaster: Lueck,Ebrahimi,Lee,Wijeykoon
1:00 Stratego: Strohm, Pinder

2:00 QuakeBot: Norris,McGinnis
2:30 SematicWeb: Damle


1:00 StockMan: Warshawsky,Kamvysselis,Mehrotra,Wong
1:30 NLP(erl): Guo,Cave,Venturi

2:00 NetSurgeon: Dewberry,Okon,Ross
2:30 FaceInToonOut: Kim,Kropp

3:00 GimmeMozart: Grucza,Lie
3:30 PickThePhone: Floyd,Beland

5:00 HeartLand: Eadon,Lee,Petrov,Ramey
5:30 Weekender: Wong,Liu