Tomas Lozano-Perez (
Wed, 6 May 1998 12:34:49 -0400 (EDT)

What we are planning to do for presentation and demos next week is to
do them at a conference room in the AI Lab. The intent is to run most
of the demos remotely from Athena workstations. You should put all
the code you need for your demo in a publicly accessible directory.
Please try to minimize the setup time required for your demo. Also,
be prepared with transparencies showing the results of the demo, in
case we have a failure of some sort.

One group said they would bring their PC, which is fine. We'll also
have a VCR available.

We cannot get a room with an SGI Indy for the time period we need, so
what we'll do is walk over to an Athena cluster after the
presentations to get a demo of that project.

The presentations will be:


MusicMaster: Lueck,Ebrahimi,Lee,Wijeykoon
Stratego: Strohm,Pinder
QuakeBot: Norris,McGinnis
StockMan: Warshawsky,Kamvysselis,Mehrotra,S. Wong
NLP(erl): Guo,Cave,Venturi
NetSurgeon: Dewberry,Okon,Ross


GimmeMozart: Grucza,Lie
PickThePhone: Floyd,Beland
HeartLand: Eadon,Lee,Petrov,Ramey
Weekender: D. Wong,Liu
SematicWeb: Damle
FaceInToonOut: Kim,Kropp,Leroux

If we have not provided for what you need, let us know soon.