6.313 Announcements Fall 1998

September 14, 1998

Today: EECS coloquium from 4-5 in 34-101.

If you did not receive the mail sent to the course list, send mail to josie@ai.mit.edu.

Problem set 1 will be handed out on Wednesday, Sept 16. It will be due Wed, Sept 23.

September 16, 1998

Problem Set 1 handed out. Due Wed, Sept 23.

Office hours announced. See web page.

September 21, 1998

Correction on problem set 1

Question 2c is not really a question at all. You do not need to give an answer for 2c.

However, 2c states that the charasteristic impedence is equal to root(LC). That is a typo. 2c should read: The charasteristic impedence, Z, of a circuit is root(L/C).

Thanks to Janet Wu for pointing this error out.

September 22, 1998

Since the number of people showing up for office hours exceeds the capacity of my office, I am making arrangements to reserve rooms in which to meet.

I found a room that accommodates most of the Tuesday office hours (NE43-628). A regularly available room for Mondays is yet to be found.

I have posted a schedule of office hours and locations for the rest of the term on the web page. (www.ai.mit.edu/courses/6.313) The schedule also indicates days when I will not have office hours due to institute holidays.

I suggest that before you come to office hours you check the web page for the location. However, I will always post a sign on my office door (NE43-808) indicating the location of that day's office hours.

I hope this doesn't prove to be too confusing. It is a sincere attempt to provide a good environment for you at office hours.


September 22, 1998

A little help for your friend Simo:

Little info on 1oz copper... maybe helpful in figuring out stuff for PS#1 problem #2

"...Typical etch time is approximately 30 minutes for 1oz. (.00135") thick copper foil...."