6.895 Negotiation Technology (H)

Negotiation broadly treated as interactive communication for arranging (joint) activities.  Introduction to negotiation technology in Multi-Agency Systems.  Consultation as a kind of negotiation for sharing information.  Consultation technology for software engineering.  Semantics of concurrent computation: participations and attributions.  Program considerations as reports, goals, plans, predictions, and commitments concerning ongoing computations.  Interdependence among participants in negotiation.  Negotiation breakdowns: causes and cures.  Ethical issues in negotiation technology.

Prerequisites: 6.034, 6.170
(The pre-requisites listed above are for MIT undergraduates and MEng students.  Ph.D. students that have not had similar courses should talk to me.)

This subject is appropriate for 4th and 5th year undergraduates and as a graduate subject.

Units: 3-0-9 (graduate H level)

Lectures are scheduled for M 2:30-4.  The remaining contact hours will be scheduled as meetings of individual teams.

Professor Carl E. Hewitt
253-5873 (Telephone will not be installed until September 9.)

First class meeting: Monday September 14 in 36-372.


Oct 19:  IWMAS 1998: Negotiation Science and Technology
Oct 22:  JINI:   Architecture Overview, Specs
Oct 28:  Leasing; Transactions; 2 and 3-phase commit slides postscript, E3PC paper postscript [optional X3PC paper postscript] (view postscript with ghostview/gsview)
Nov 16:  Project resource:  meeting scheduling negotiations --- Secretaries' Nightmare (CAIA-94 Workshop agenda, papers)
Dec 2:  Project resource:  example stubs, Java Evaluator for stubs (JevaESUI).

Last updated 16 Nov 1998