Syllabus - Spring 2003

Grading: All of the coursework for 6.836 will be graded out of 100 points. These will be shared between 5 research assignments each accounting for 10 points (10% of the grade) and a final project which will account for 50% of the grade (of which 5 points will be for the project proposal, 10 points for the presentation and 35 points for the project report).

The research assignments are due on Thursdays by 5pm. We will accept paper hand-ins or electronic submissions in PDF format only. See the Late Policy specified on the Announcement and News page for more details.

Day Date Lecture Research assignment Out Due
Fri Feb 7 1. Artificial creatures Robot simulator RA1 Thu, Feb 20
Fri Feb 14 2. Creature renaissance  
Fri Feb 21 3. Building physical robots Embedded controller RA2 Thu, Mar 6
Fri Feb 28 4. Non-modular computing  
Fri Mar 7 5. Self reproduction Sierra RA3 Thu, Mar 20
Fri Mar 14 6. Evolving creatures  
Fri Mar 21 7. Self reproducing machines Evolving ants RA4 Thu, Apr 10
Project proposals due Fri, Mar 21
Fri Apr 4 8. Evolving robots  
Fri Apr 11 9. Genetic programming Evolving CAs RA5 Thu, Apr 24
Fri Apr 18 10. Emergence of life  
Fri Apr 25 11. Humanoids  
Fri May 2 No lecture  
Fri May 9 Project presentations during week
Thu May 15 Project Due