6.867 Machine Learning


Matlab is a computational environment (language and tools) designed primarily for numerical computation and manipulation. It is very useful for running Machine Learning experiments, and we will be using it extensively for this course.

You can use Matlab on any Athena workstation on campus. You may need to get some information from the IS people if you've never used Athena before.

Athena Matlab minicourses

Athena Training offers Matlab courses on Monday September 9th at 8PM, and on Tuesday, September 10th at noon and at 8PM. If you are not familiar with Matlab, please consider attending one of these classes (the next round of classes is in October). IS also provides some useful tips for a beginning Matlab user.


  • Matlab at MIT
  • Mathworks' Matlab documentation
  • UNH Matlab Tutorial
  • US Navy Matlab Tutorial
  • MTU Introduction to Matlab
  • Sample Scripts

  • Matrix Operations
  • File Operations
  • Plotting/Graphing