6.891 (Fall 2003): Instructions for Assignment II (Class project)

Instructor: Michael Collins (home)

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Overview: The second (and final) assignment for 6.891 (fall 2003) is a class project. This assignment will make up 70% of the final grade (the remaining 30% depends on the first assignment).

The idea behind the project is to take some idea/technique/problem from the class, and develop it further. Most likely the project will involve an implementation of a machine learning approach to some natural language problem, followed by experimentation with the approach; but more theoretical projects are also possible.

Relation to current/previous research. The project can be related to your current research. However, please do not submit any work which you have completed prior to taking the course.

Due date: The project is due by Wednesday December 10th.

Collaboration policy: Group projects are fine, but should represent n times the work put into a project by a single person, if n people are collaborating. For the final project you should hand in a (group) written report. You should aim to partition the work in such a way that different people in the project are working on clearly defined "components" of the system. The final project should identify exactly who contributed to which part of the project.

Project proposal: Please send me a project proposal of around 2 paragraphs in length, by Monday, November 9th, or if you're not sure about what you'd like to do, and would like to discuss possible projects, send me email by that date to set up a meeting (I'll be available for meetings Thursday/Friday November 6th/7th, or most days of the week of November 9th). If you're planning a group project, please let me know the people involved, and how you plan to partition the work.

The final report: The final report for the project should be around 10 pages in length (12pt, single spaced), excluding figures.

Project examples: Here I'll sketch examples of projects that you might consider. These examples are intended to both give you concrete suggestions for projects, and also to give illustrative examples of the kind of project that would be suitable. You could pick a project from the list below (in which case, arrange an appointment with me so we can go over the details), or you could choose your own project.