6.915 Digital Systems Engineering - Lectures

Course at a Glance

Introduction to Digital Systems Engineering

Thursday September 4: Introduction to Digital Systems Engineering

Digital Building Blocks

Tuesday September 10: Packaging and Wires
Packaging of digital systems - support, cooling, supply, interconnect. Electrical properties of typical wires. Modeling of wires. Capacitive wires, inductive wires, lossless transmission lines.
Thursday September 12: More Wires
Lossy wires. On chip RC transmission lines. Lossy LRC transmission lines. TDR/TDT demonstration to characterizes wires.
Tuesday September 17: Circuits
Modern VLSI Integrated circuits. Characteristics of NFETs and PFETs. Simplified models for digital use. Simple digital circuits - gates and flip-flops.
Thursday September 19: More Circuits
Circuit building blocks - current mirrors, source-coupled pairs, loads. Differential circuits. Differential amplifiers. Sense amplifiers.


Tuesday September 24: Signalling Basics
(note, noise may be moved before signalling) what is signalling? what's wrong with most signalling schemes? considerations in signalling - output impedance, termination, levels, references.
Thursday September 26: Signalling Over Lossless Transmission Lines
current-mode signalling. Bipolar vs. unipolar. References. Noise sources. Voltage-mode signalling.
Tuesday October 1: More Signalling on TLs
Source terminated signalling. Under-terminated signalling. Differential signalling.
Thursday October 3: Signalling over Capacitive Lines
Low-voltage signalling. Feedback methods. Pulse-mode signalling. References.
Tuesday October 8: Dealing with Inductive Parasitics
The problem of ground bounce. Ringing in output signals. Rise-time control. Dampening terminations.
Thursday October 10: Driving Lossy Lines
On-chip RC lines. Repeaters. Methods for reducing capacitance. Overdriving lines. Off-chip LRC lines. Skin-effect resistance. Passive equalization. Active equalization.
Tuesday October 15: Columbus Day Vacation
No Class
Thursday October 17: Advanced Topics in Signalling
Simultaneous bidirectional signalling. AC signalling. Multi-level signalling.
Tuesday October 22: