2003 AI Olympics

Commissioner Information

Before the Event

  1. Tell me if you need money for your event. And tell me how much. This year they request that we use a lab credit card for the costs rather than your own money. This is supposed to reduce the amount of effort and paperwork in repaying people. (And they should all be on one specific lab credit card, so ask me for this information.)

  2. Reserve space for your event. This could be a conference room, the playroom, Johnson, the Z-center, etc. If the space is hard to get (e.g., Broomball and Basketball), it is critical that you reserve early since we may need to juggle events given the times available.

  3. Update your info file. This file is located under: /com/web/docs/lab/olympics/03/events/your-event-folder. Note that I have already created an event-folder for each event, so make sure you are updating the correct information. Make sure the email, names, and location are correct for the event. Please email me if you plan to change the time or date of the event, as we may need to move around other events to keep the Olympics balanced. Please leave the score section blank until after the event.

  4. Update your picture. You should have a picture for your event called image.gif or image.jpg in your event folder. I gave each event a picture. You can change any picture you feel is appropriate, just name it either image.gif or image.jpg. At a mimimum, you need to have an image file and an info file in your directory.

  5. Make a website. Make a file called index.html in your event folder, this file will contain the website that will be linked off of the schedule page. I may or may not have copied a previous years index.html. You can either delete it and make a new one or modify it. If you do not have a old file in your directory, you can search previous years websites to see if there is one available to help you with your task. The website should explain how the event will be scored or any other impertanent information.

  6. Test everthing Look at the schedule of events located at http://www.ai.mit.edu/lab/olympics/03/schedule.cgi, and make sure that everything works correctly as expected.

After the Event

  1. Post the scores of your event. These are written to the "info" file. Here is an example:

    If there is a tie between two (or three) events, omit the slash. For example, a tie between slytherin and ravenclaw would be written as:

  2. Give me the receipts for your event. They should all be marked with AI olympics.