Olympic Broomball 2004

The family rumble!

Back by popular demand--straight from Minnesota to a sitcom near you  its the 4th ever AI/CSAIL Olympic Broomball.

Wrap up:

Group picture
We had a great time and some of the evidence is available at: this URL

Vital Info:

Where: Hills Pond in Menotomy Rocks Park in Arlington (On a frozen lake like it was meant to be played) Directions and safety
When: January 28, 9am to Noon (including transportation time)
How: Meet in the lobby at 9am sharp and drive to the pond. Each team will need someone to round up drivers and try to get hold of one or two brooms (although we will provide a number of them).

What on earth is broomball?

Broomball is the poor person's hockey. All you need is a frozen lake and a broom. The following are the fundamental changes from hockey:


Necessary Equipment

Optional but suggested equipment

Forbidden equipment

Some Important Rules

Olympic Scoring

cartoon caracters playing broomball


Directions and Safety

The lake was very solidly frozen on Monday (Jan 26, 2004) so we should be all set.  Also Hills Pond is small and shaded for most of the day so it tends to freeze solidly.

We will be converging at the lab at 9am and then driving together to the Pond. The directions are quite simple. Take Mass Ave to Arlington and take a Left on Jason St.  Park on the side streets across from the park entrance Brantwood and Hillsdale roads.

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Map of Jason St At Brantwood Rd
Arlington, MA 02476
Mike Oltmans (moltmans@csail.mit.edu)