AIO'95 Schedule of Events

(Click on linked event names to get details/information on the event.)
(A "?" means that it hasn't been decided yet, but will be soon!)
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Fri, Jan 20:
Trivial Pursuit (welg)
5pm, 7ai Playroom
Sat, Jan 21:
AI Davis Cup Tennis Tournament (yoky)
5:30-10pm, Tennis Bubble
Mon, Jan 23:
Tech Square DOOM Tutorial (alvelda)
5:30pm, 7ai Playroom
Tue, Jan 24:
Miniature Golf (oded)
4:30pm, ?
Thu, Jan 26:
Chair-iot Races (wessler)
5:30pm, 8ai
Fri, Jan 27:
Volleyball (beethovn)
1-3:30pm, Rockwell Cage
Fri, Jan 27:
Film Festival (isbell)
5-11pm, 7ai Playroom
Sat, Jan 28:
Bake-Off (annika)
3pm, 8ai Playroom
Sat, Jan 28:
Film Festival II (isbell)
3-11pm, 7ai Playroom
Sun, Jan 29:
Super Bowl
4-7pm, your living room
Mon, Jan 30:
Tug-of-War (scaz)
5:30pm, 8ai Playroom
Tue, Jan 31:
Skiing/Snowboarding (ferrell)
early am!, Waterville Valley?
Wed, Feb 1:
Soccer (rweiss@lcs)
1-3pm, Rockwell Cage
Wed, Feb 1:
Tech Square DOOM Tournament (alvelda)
?, The Room of Doom
Thu, Feb 2:
AI Road Race (matt)
Noon, Esplanade or Indoor Track
Thu, Feb 2:
Ice Hockey, part 1 (cgdemarc)
5-7pm, Ice Rink
Fri, Feb 3:
Ultimate Frisbee (dbailey)
12-4pm, Indoor Track
Fri, Feb 3:
Ice Hockey, part 2 (cgdemarc)
5-7pm, Ice Rink
Fri, Feb 3:
Grand Finale!!!
8pm, 8ai