Commissioner: Carlo Maley

It was the Ancient Greeks who first espoused the idea that a full life required a sound mind, a sound body, and a good interior designer. To that end, this years Olympics will not only include events of high intellectual and physical calibre, but also an event for the aesthetically challenged.

Interactive Art

Each team will be responsible for constructing a section of web space that is both an interactive and an aesthetic experience. The results should enhance the quality and general coolness factor of our web site. A panel of judges and random algorithms will determine the winners. Or perhaps we'll just tally hits to the pages in some totally-cheater proof way.


Each team has a week to produce the coolest web experience in the world. At 5pm, Saturday, Feb. 3, a panel of judges will decide on the winners based on:
  1. Artistic Merit (appeal)
  2. Interactivity (entertainment and creative expression)
  3. Popularity (popularity)
It is pretty much that simple.

The Entries

Winner: take a visual tour of the 7th floor of the AI lab.

Also check out this Aztec calendar.