Hockey returns to the AI Olympics, this time with a whopping 4.5 hours of ice time. This page will improve over the next couple of days (but will never be as cool as Carl's), but for now, here's the schedule:

Practice and Teaching
12:00-1:30pm, Saturday January 18
First Round Games
12:00-1:30pm, Saturday January 25
Second Round Games
5:00-6:30pm, Wednesday January 29

The ice time is courtesy of the MIT Men's hockey team (thank's Jimbo!), and we must be off the ice by the end of our slots because that's when the team's games start.

Since we have so much ice time, the first block will be used to allow each team's more experienced players to coach the pre-D-leaguers and teach them the rules (and how to skate if necessary). During the other two blocks we will play games of mixed teams to separate pre-D from post-D league players.

Practice went well, with 16 people showing up. Where were all the rink rats?

Since we don't have enough skaters to field two full lines for each team, I'm keeping track of goals scored by each team. Each skater counts as 1/5 of a point, and each cheerer as 1/10th. So ten skaters at each session for a team counts for six points. The participation points and goal points are added to determine the winner.

Goals are counted as follows:

The first goal scored by someone:
D-leaguers hitting the net: 3/5
D-leaguers hitting the bar: 2/5
C-leaguers hitting the net: 2/5

Subsequent goals for an individual:
D-leaguers hitting the net: 2/5
D-leaguers hitting the bar: 1/5
C-leaguers hitting the net: 1/5

Participation Points:
Team         Practice   Jan 25   Jan29      Total
Barbarians:  8/5        14/10    8/5        46/10
Gangsters:   4/5        21/10    10/5       49/10
Vikings:     2/5        13/10    2/5        21/10
Crusaders    1/5        6/10     3/10       11/10

Goals:      1/25                        1/29
Gangsters:   3 (Maddog 2, Leventon 1)   2 (Daniel, Maddog)
Barbarians:  1 (Carlin)                 8 (Jason 3 bar, Jill net,
                                           Jerry 2 net, Gideon bar,
                                           Polina net)
Vikings:     0                          0
Crusaders:   0                          0

Overall Points:
Barbarians: 46/10 + [2/5] + [4/5 + 2/5 + 3/5 + 2/5 + 2/5]  = 76/10
Gangsters:  49/10 + [2*(2/5) + 1/5] + [2*(2/5)]            = 67/10
Vikings:    21/10                                          = 21/10
Crusaders:  11/10                                          = 11/10

Carlin Vieri,
Last modified: Wed Jan 29 22:47:13 EST