AI Olympics'97 Final Party

Olympians were talking about the Final Party. "It would be cool to have a Blues Band Battle again", said one of them. "I gave out 13,643 autographs and got three dates after my performance." Other suggested having games: "When we had a carnival night I won a stuffed wolf, and it ran out of stuffed rabbits to eat." The third one was concise and determined. "Food," he said and went to his office to finish his food trucks lunch.

Well, this year we are having all of it. The schedule of the party is below, as well as how you can help your team with the points it desperately needs in order to win this year's Games.

Rough schedule


The following rules will help us to determine the team ranking.

  • Setting up: Each team has to delegate two people to help with setting up the party: decorating, setting up the games, etc. The organizational meeting will be on Thursday, January 23d, at 5:30 (right after the Egg Drop Kits are given out to the teams). These people will get 0-5 points for their teams based entirely on Polina's judgment of their work.
  • Games/Food: Participating in the games will bring your teams points (1/4 a point per person). Winning in any of the games will bring your team even more points (1 point per winner). Eating food, as competitive as it can be, won't give you extra points. Except for a special bonus (3 points) for an Olympian who eats more cotton candies than anybody else.
  • Blues Bands Battle: Due to popular demand, we've decided to have the "Battle of the Blues Bands" event again this year at the Final Party. However, to ease the logistics of each team putting together an entire band for the event, teams can use the equipment, instruments, practice space, and band members, if needed, of the band-with-no-name-yet that will be playing later on at the party (coordinate anything you need in the way of band stuff with Rodney Daughtrey (
    Let's Party!
    Room 737, tel. x38837.