Trivial Pursuit

Commissioner: Eric Grimson

Has your thesis got you feeling like your head isn't screwed on right?

Is that impending OQE got your stomach tied up in knots?

Well -- can you at least answer the following questions?

Geography: What is the first country that you reach if you go straight south from Detroit?

Entertainment:Name the Canadian-born actor whose brother was once Deputy Prime Minister.

History: What war saw the most Americans die?

Art & Literature: Who is the only author to receive his Nobel prize posthumously?

Science & Nature:Where is the human skin least sensitive?

Sports & Leisure: What sport is being added to the next summer Olympics in Australia?

If so, then you're set for Trivial Pursuit. Even if not, you're probably still set for Trivial Pursuit.

Yes, the traditional kickoff event to the Olympics is coming, Friday, January 17th, starting at 5:00 in the 7th floor playroom, so start exercising those dusty brain cells.

The Rules:

We will use a regulation board, with a set of cards to be determined. The order of teams will be determined by die roll. Normal rules will hold for acquisition of wedges, with all judgements on correctness of a response up to the referee [and anyone vehemently disagreeing with the referee may find their office moved to one of the elevator lobbies :-)]

Teams will have 1 minute to answer each question.

When a team has assembled all wedges, and landed at the hub, the team must answer 4 of 6 questions (one from each category) correctly to finish.

Teams completing on the same round will be judged to have tied.