AI Olympics'98 Bake-off

This year's bake-off will be similar in style to last year's, which was a delicious success, with Olympians baking up a storm of incredible entries. There are, however, a couple of changes in the way points will be awarded, so please read it over carefully.


This event will have lots of point potential, so get your team organized and get yerselves into the kitchen! If you are too intimidated by measuring cups and mixing bowls, but you like desserts, be a judge! (good for 1 participation point) If you can't judge, help out with sorting entries or cleaning up (worth 1 participation point). And if you can't do that either, well, at least make sure you come by to sample the treats before the party. (no, you don't get points for eating!)


In addition to the points scored for each category, there will also be 4 overall prizes:

Overall Prizes

The winning team will be determined by the final totals of the points awarded.

Now for the rules:


  1. All entries must be sweet desserts. Breads will qualify only if they are dessert breads.
  2. All entries must be homemade. Non-homemade items (pie shells, ice cream, etc) may be used only if they are incorporated into the main homemade item.
  3. Each person is limited to 5 entries.
  4. The decisions of the judges and commissioner are final - bickering will incur the wrath of the kitchen gods and cause penalties to fall upon the heads of the unfortunate team who argue! (10 point deduction)

I hope this is all clear - judging will be blind, of course. In order to expedite the judging, you may start bringing your entries to be registered to the 8th floor at 5:30PM on Saturday, January 31st. Entries must be received by 6:45PM, please, so we have time to judge and then enjoy the fruits (fruit cakes?) of our labor!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Good luck, and may the best baker win!

Sweetly yours,

3-6693, rm 711