AI Olympic Ultimate

AI Olympic Ultimate

Well, here's your chance. Been the hot-shot at all of the picnics, catching the "frisbee" between your legs? Now's the time to prove you can play outside a game of catch.

Thursday, January 29th, be at Johnson Center Indoor Infield at 1:00pm to play ULTIMATE!

That's right -- we will be playing indoor ultimate pitting each cheap, fast, and out-of-control team against each other.


For those of you who have never played before, the game is exceedingly simple. You run around and pass the disc to each other. The person with the disc cannot move. You score a point if you catch the disc while in an endzone. An incomplete pass results in a turnover. For more information, you can read Ultimate in Ten Simple Rules or enjoy The Complete Ninth Edition Rules from the UPA. You may also want to read the list below of a few notes on rules that are important for gameplay.

For the purposes of indoor ultimate and the AI Olympics, we will make a few rule changes: