Know Thy Co-Worker, you Mole Rat

Date: Saturday, January 24.

Time: 7:30 PM

Commissioner: Erik Miller (with help from Kinh Tieu).

This event is all about getting to know the people around you. It's amazing that there are people who've been here for years, and who work no more than 2 or 3 doors apart who have never spoken to each other! This is a probably futile effort to change that. Nevertheless we will try to battle people's extreme isolationism by using their extreme competitive nature!

The event is fairly simple. You will be shown, with a projector, slides of various people you've seen creeping around the lab in the wee hours, trying not to be seen. Just to make things a little more interesting, some of these pictures may be compromising, unfair, unflattering, etc. Scoring will occur as follows.

Every member of each team will be given a sheet of paper with numbered boxes. Each box will have two parts, for a first name and a last name. A different number of points will be given for the first name and last name, and these point values will depend upon the category of person.

There will be a number of different categories, which at the moment include "Studmuffins of Science", "Lab Rats", "Tyrants of Yore", "Are they REALLY in this lab" and a few others. If you want to score well, you will have to know the names of people you may not normally fraternize with, but whom you no doubt see every day….

Although I will keep the results confidential by name, each team will be penalized for those people who are recognized by fewer than five people. Hence, if you don't want your team to be screwed over, you had better start introducing yourself to people. Of course, the scoring will be such that people cannot gain an advantage on one team by pretending they don't know somebody on another team. In other words, it will always be to your advantage to correctly name as many people as you can. Also, people who do not show up for an event will get the lowest score of all.

Well, I hope you all make it. The event will be followed by the always-popular movie night.