Last Modified 18 September, 1997

The Cold Booters

Welcome to the C-League Team Page!

Yes, the MIT AI/LCS Cold Booters are in their third season in the "fun" league... we are a spin-off of the traditional Cold Booters B-League team. We need more real C players! (we are getting by with help from the B league) so if you are thinking about playing, by all means COME!

FAQ: Can I play?

The C-league is the right place for you if you:

  • Are athletic but haven't played soccer much,
  • Play soccer but aren't exactly a professional athlete (me!) or,
  • Are both athletic and good at soccer but don't like the, er, competitiveness of B league.
  • C league has no playoffs, so it is also a good place for people who like playing and practicing with AI/LCS, but don't really quallify for MIT IM's, as the standings don't really matter and no one ever gets their identity checked. Out of fairness, if you are TOO good we probably won't play you unless we are short people, especially if the other team is struggling (there's a wide range of ability in C League.) Some people like to play both B and C leagues since at least last year C league had less substitutes so there was more chance to play. In this case we would register you with the B league so you can be in their playoffs.

    1997 Schedule

    Captaining for the 1997 season is J.P. Mellor (
    Sun12Oct 8:45pm omni turfGAME vs. SPAMIT
    Sat18Oct 1:45pm omni turfGAME vs. New House 4
    Sun 26Oct 10:00pm
    omni turf
    omni turf
    GAME vs. PDT/KAT
    Sat1Nov 10:00am Field E
    GAME vs. PSK-C
    Sun9Nov 8:45pm
    omni turf
    omni turf
    GAME vs. Alpha Phi
    Complete Fall 1997 intramural soccer schedule (Rescheduled games might be posted there first --- look for team C41.)

    The Roster / Mailing List

    To get on the team, just put yourself on the mailing list. If you aren't in AI, you can mail If you are, you should edit /com/mailer/cold-booters-c. Here's the current mailing list.

    The Rules:

    If you really care about the rules, check out the Offical FIFA Soccer rules. Basically, get the ball into the other team's net, don't touch the ball with your hands, and don't be too much offsides.

    Let's Kick!

    -Joanna Bryson (with gratitude to Ron Weiss and Dave Evans)

    Joanna Bryson
    MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
    545 Technology Square, Room 827
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    (617) 253-8963

    1996 Record

    Saturday21Sep 9:00 AM
    10:00 AM
    omni turfRefs
    ?-0 win
    Saturday28Sep 10:00 AM omni turf3-0 win
    Sunday 6Oct 2:00 PM omni turf3-0 win
    Saturday26Oct 4:30 PM omni turf1-1 tie
    Saturday 2Nov 11:30 AM grass2-1 loss (postponed from 19 Oct)

    1995 IM Season Results:

    							GF   GA
    	Sunday 24 September vs Spanish House, Turf	 6    3
            Sunday 1 October 10:15 AM, NH4, Grass            6    0
            Sunday 15 October 3:30, French House, Grass      4    2
            Sunday 29 October 10:15 AM, PLP, Grass           2    3
            Saturday 11 November 3:30, GSC, Grass            8    0
    					4 - 1 - 0       26 -  8

    Our First Season's Record! (1994):

    						GF   GA
       Saturday, 17 Sept, 4:45   vs. BU3 field       0    0
       Saturday, 24 Sept, 4:00   vs. MGD turf        3    0
       Sunday,    2 Oct, 12:45   vs. SPA turf        1    2
       Sunday,   16 Oct, 12:45   vs. NH4 turf        6    0
       Sunday,   30 Oct,  4:45   vs. PSK turf        1    2
       Saturday,  5 Nov, 11:30am vs. AEPi field      5    1
    				3 - 2 - 1       16 -  5