B+ League Cold Booters (Soccer)

1999 Season

Intramural season usually starts in mid/late September but this year it is starting late due to construction on the Omni Turf. Join our roster to be notified of practices which are held each Wednesday at 5:30PM in the fields out by the tennis bubble.

This year's captain is Mike Oltmans (moltmans@ai.mit.edu).

Day Date Time Place Opponent Result
SundayOct 310:45amTurf Red Devils (Independent)
T: 1-1
SundayOct 107:30pmTurf Goatherders (SAP 4)
W: 1-0
ThursdayOct 148:45pmTurf Sloan 1Y (Sloan)
L: 0-1
SundayOct 312:30pmTurf Math Department (Math)
L: 2-5
SundayNov 710:45amTurf Sloan 1Y (Sloan)
SundayNov 143:45pmTurf Goatherders (SAP 4)
T: 0-0
Playoffs TBD when we qualify Record (W-L-T):1-2-2

Records from Previous Seasons

Fall 1998 Schedule

All games are on the omni-turf. Captaining for the 1998 season is Charles Yang (charles@ai.mit.edu).
Oct. 6 8:45pm vs. GSC

Oct 20 7:30pm vs. Eagles

Oct 27 7:30pm vs. DMSE "Freestyling Fullerenes"

Nov. 3 7:30pm vs. MacGB

Nov 10 8:45pm vs. Brazilian students

Fall 1997 Record

Co-Captaining for the 1997 season were Daniel Coore (newts@martigny.ai.mit.edu) and Raquel Romano (romano@ai.mit.edu).
Tue 23 Sep 7:30pm 
omni turf
omni turf
0-1 loss to TSMIT
Wed 1 Oct 11:15pm  omni turf Postponed by ATO
Tue 7 Oct 7:30pm 
omni turf
omni turf
loss to ChemE Grads
Tue 28 Oct 11:15pm  omni turf 2-1 WIN vs. SAE Goons
Wed 5 Nov 10:00pm 
omni turf
omni turf
0-1 loss to Professor Found
Mon 10 Nov 10:00pm  omni turf 3-0 WIN vs. ATO [played Kappa Sigma?]

Fall 1996 Record

Thursday 19 September 7:30 pm 
8:45 pm 
omni turf
omni turf
1-0 win over LCA
Monday  30 September 7:30 pm 
8:45 pm 
omni turf
omni turf
3-5 loss to DTD
Monday  7 October  10:00 pm  omni turf 1-1 tie with Russian House
Sunday  20 October  10:15 am 
4:45 pm 
omni turf
(game postponed by flood to Nov 4)
Sunday  27 October  10:15 am  grass 2-0 win over Whitehead
Monday  4 November  8:45 pm  omni turf 1-0 win over Thailand Students (from 20 Oct)
Wednesday  6 November  10:30 pm  omni turf 0-4 loss vs. Aero/Astro "Eagles" ("rank" #14 vs. #3)

Fall 1995 Record

All games were 2x30min halves, on Omniturf
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