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From: "His name was Matthew Marjanovic..." 
Subject: Next ET Game:  this Sunday, 11/12, 7pm
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 18:14:21 -0500
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Yo, our next game is in less than a week:  Sunday, Nov. 12, 7pm.
It's vs. Sloan, those bastards!

Send me a reply NOW telling me whether or not you can make it.

I never did send out a wrap-up from our last game; sorry about that.

We won, 9-2 or something --- but Zeta Psi was not fielding their full
 team.  (They had sent e-mail a couple of days before looking for 
 another team to take their place.)
As usual, we played to the ability of our opponents, although we did
 cream them.  Let's consider that a warm-up.

Anyhow, two things to keep in mind for Sunday:
  a) find a red jersey if you don't have one.  our team color is red.
  b) try to tell me if you decide to bail on the game; two guys were
      no shows, and that just ruins my day.
  c) show up at least 15 minutes *before* the game starts.
     7pm is when we are supposed to be on the ice, playing.
     you need to be suited up well before that(, Rocky.)

Hmm, I guess that was three things.  You can handle three things, right?

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