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From: "His name was Matthew Marjanovic..." 
Subject: we are the champions
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 15:09:14 -0500
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We are, really: apparently, we are/were the 1999-2000 B League IM
 Hockey champions, and I have a trophy to prove it --- thanks to
 MOltmans for claiming it (and for his commanding yet eloquent
 bench-coaching).  I also have a few "MIT IM Hockey Champion" t-shirts,
 too, so if you didn't get one last night, claim one via e-mail,
 first-come, first-serve.

All that aside, that was a fun game last night:  a 9-0 shutout vs. those
 bastards from Sloan.  We played a lot more coherently than the first
 game (kudos to Jack Costanza for being awake last night), and our fans
 reported that the game was "actually fun to watch".  Steve played a
 great goal, despite being wacked out on horse tranquilizers.  Leigh
 "Hummingbird" Heyman seemed to find a stable niche on D --- i.e., he
 didn't burn out his glucose reserves during the first 4 minutes of the
 game this time.

Luke and Mark both absorbed some nasty beatings from our desperate 
 opponents.  And Naoki unfortunately sacrificed his face for the team.
 I haven't been in to lab yet today, so I haven't gotten a chance to 
 check in on him at the AI Infirmary, but I will report back once I do.

Get your pencils out:  our next game is in three weeks, 

                 Thursday, December 7
                        vs. "Delts 2"

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