Game 1 Results

Starting Lineup

Line 1: Frederik (C), Eric (LW), Chris (RW)
Line 2: Ronitt (C), Liana (LW) , Gideon (RW)
Line 3: Jeremy (C), Marina (LW), David (RW)
Defense Pairs: Carlin and Vance; Raquel and Matt.
Goalie: Mike Wessler.

Coach: Misha Bolotski
Assistant Coaches: Kirk (Tuna) Johnson, Tom (Sick Puppy) Simon

Spectators: Polina Golland, Carl deMarcken, Jimbo (Varsity Boy) Goodman, Pam Sawyer, Matt Marjanovic.

Scoring Results

All I have is that Erik Miller scored about 4 seconds from the first faceoff. This was followed by Jeremy's goal, Ronitt's first, one from Frederic, and another from Ronitt. Mike Wessler had a stupendous performance at goal, notching the first shutout of his career.

Congratulations, team, on a job well done.

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