Game 4 Results

Starting Lineup

Line 1: Frederik (C), Carlin (LW), Mike Leventon (RW)
Line 2: Chris (C), Eric (LW) , David (RW)
Defense Pairs: Matt/Jon/Ian; Tom Simon and Polina.
Goalie: Mike Wessler.

Coach: Misha Bolotski
Spectators: Carl deMarcken, Phillip Alvelda.

Extreme verve demonstrated by the entire team. The forwards backchecked to help out the defense, allowing only 4 or 5 shots on goal in the entire game.

Scoring Results

Scorers		# Goals
-------		-------
Carlin Vieri      1
Erik Miller       3
Mike Leventon     2
Frederic Dahlgren 1
Yet another shutout for Mike Wessler!

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