Halting Problem

Left to right: Charles Leiserson, Nati Srebro, Lauren O'Donnell, Arrin Katz, Mike Oltmans, Lilla Zollei
Goalie: Shawn Kelly

11-01-1999 Jerry's Kids L: 2-5
11-14-1999 MacGregor W: 2-1
1-9-2000 Shingo Strikers W: 2-0
02-15-2000 Capitals T: 2-2
03-7-2000 The Eulers [Math] 11:00PM
League Standings We are: D+07


Coach: Mark Foltz               Captain: Mike Oltmans
Christine Alvarado Eric Cosman
Yajun Fang JP Grossman
Arrin Katz (2) Manish Jethwa
Charles Leiserson (1) Lauren O'Donnell
Mike Oltmans (5) Roberto De Prisco
Nati Srebro Jaime Teevan
Samson Timoner Neil Weisenfeld
William Wells Lilla Zollei
Goalkeepers: Shawn Kelly
Matthew "Maddog" Marjanovic

"Shove your man out.
Stick check him.
Push him."
T. Simon

Mike Oltmans (

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