MIT AI/LCS Extracurricular Sport Teams and Interest Groups

These groups and teams of lab members are good ways to get to know other people in both AI and in LCS, have fun, and reduce stress at the same time. Lab members also participate in MIT-wide activities.


B league team: Cold Booters
Captain: Soccer-Captain

C league team: Exceptional Handlers
Captain: Adam Smith

With these two teams we can accommodate nearly all skill levels. Even if you have never played before, you can play for the Exceptional Handlers. The season is only in the fall (roughly mid September through November), thus the Cold Booters.


D league team: Halting Problem
Captain: Hockey-Captain
This team is appropriately named. It is for people that may not even know how to skate. Even if you haven't skated before we can get you up to speed real fast. There is no checking in this league. Many people start their illustrious hockey careers at Halting Problem. Its way more fun than even a barrel of monkeys. And even if we can't talk you into playing you should come watch the games.

C league team: Garbage Collectors
Captain: Hockey-Captain
This team is for people who have been skating for a year or two and have a reasonable grasp of hockey but still aren't interested in highly competitive games.

B league team: Execution Time
Captain: Hockey-Captain
This team has some really good players. Some people have been playing for years and all players have a good understanding of rules and the general workings of the game. They've taken 2nd place two years running and are gunning for 1st this year! This is technically a checking league but many of the games are played without checking as prearranged at game time.

Tuesday Night Hockey
Organizer: Tuesday Hockey Manager
Every Tuesday night at 11PM the lab rents the Skating Club of Boston to play pickup hockey. If you are interested in joining please send mail to Tuesday Hockey Manager. The lab can lend you the necessary equipment and no experience is necessary. If you can skate even just a little bit you can play. And if you've never played before you get to play for FREE!

Roller Hockey

Captain: Roller Hockey Captain

We have had a roller hockey team for several years now.


Throws of Passion
Captain: Jessica Howe

This is the lab's B-league intramural Ultimate flying disk team. The mailing list is also used for practices and pickup games, any skill level welcome.


Net Thru-Put
Captain: Harold Fox

This is the lab's IM C-league basketball team. There is also a mailing list for finding out about pickups and other non-IM related basketball goings on which is: bball@ai.


Captain: Adam Smith

The softball team was revitalized during the 2002 spring season for the first time in ages thanks to Adam Smith and company. Lets keep the ball rolling (er... I mean flying).


Captain: Volleyball Captain

The volleyball team has been a great time in the past couple of years. It has been relaxed and fun. Come give it a try.

Water Polo

Floating Points
Captain: Mike Oltmans

No real horses were harmed in the playing of this sport. We had a great time bumbling through our season. Some of us were pretty good players and some of us (the us that includes me) floated about and wished we knew how to swim. We all had a great time though.

We may try to revive the innertube water polo league as well. In this league you don't swim, you sit in an innertube. Not really the same game as water polo, but still a lot of fun.


Captain: Abhi Shelat

Unihoc is Swedish floor hockey. You have a tiny little stick, a whiffle ball, two goals (about a meter wide) and a basketball court sized chunk of gymnasium. From there, its pretty much like hockey. It moves fast and furious, and is shockingly addictive. We had a blast chasing that stupid little ball. And we weren't bad either.


Captain: Jason Rennie

If it has an IM team it must be a sport. The mailing list is foos-im @ Check out past team members & results. We've been steadily growing teams and are up to three this year, one A league team, "Hash Tablers," and two B league teams, "Foosbar" and "The Rolf Hauer-Schmidt Four."


Captain: Mike McGeachie

Continuing with the bar games we also have some pool teams. Last year they won 1st and 2nd place in the B-league. Looks like we're going to be heading for some A league action this year as well!


Captain: Nick Feamster

We had a couple of squash teams last year for the first time. I heard it was fun!

Blues Jam

An informal group of musically inclined lab members who get together to play. It started as a way to continue the fun we had preparing for the '96 AI Olympics Blues event, it has expanded to a variety of music that members bring and feel comfortable trying to play... We realize the purpose of the lab is research, so please let us know if we bother you. (blues-jam)

Other IM sports and activities

There are some sports we don't currently have teams for. If you want to organize a team for one of them please let me know. If you are interested in finding out more about IM's in general please check out the MIT IM web page.

If you are interested in organizing a lab IM team it is really easy. For the relevant info just contact Mike Oltmans who is the official barrier between you and the IM bureaucracy.