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Faculty and staff

Dr. Howard Shrobe Faculty Supervisor
Dr. Kimberle Koile Lecturer, Research Scientist
Dr. Robert Laddaga Research Scientist
Kevin Quigley Software Engineer
Dr. Paul Robertson Research Affiliate


Dr. Mark Adler from Nokia Research Laboratories, Burlington, MA, USA

Graduate Students

Aaron Adler joint with the Design Rationale Group
Frank Bentley joint with the VIP group
Harold Fox
Nicholas Hanssens
Rob Kochman
Gary Look
Alice Oh joint with the VIP group
Stephen Peters
Max Van Kleek


Stefanie Chiou
Tyler Horton
Yao Li joint with the EWall Project
Akshay Patil joint with the EWall Project
Matt Morrissette
Hubert Pham
Esther Jieun Yoo


Luke Weisman

Dearly Departed

Dr. Hirohisa Naito from Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Japan
Ruben Brown
Dr. Mark Burnett from DSTO C3 Research Centre, Australia
Andy Chang
Sidney Chang
Frederick Choi
James Clark
Michael Coen
Deb Dasgupta
Krzysztof Gajos Former Technical Manager, now doing PhD at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering of University of Washington in Seattle.
Marion Groh
Hau Hwang
Katherine Koch
Josh Kramer
Ajay Kulkarni
Jeremy Lilley
Justin Lin Gone to Oracle
Dan McGuire
Shishir Mehrotra
Matthew Mishrikey
Brenton Phillips
Goutam Reddy
Peter Ree
Victor Su
Kavita Thomas
Rattapoom (Pipe) Tuchinda -- gone to do a PhD at USC
Nimrod Warshawsky
Lin Wu
Alice Yang
Joanna Yun