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AnatomyBrowser is an applet for viewing anatomical structures. It provides a convenient framework for combining different types of information: 3D models, original and segmented scans and textual information on the anatomical structures of interest.

The input to the system is the original grayscale scan, the segmentation results and a text file that defines the hierarchical organization of the structures. AnatomyBrowser combines the information and presents it to the user, along with providing many useful cross-referencing capabilities.

AnatomyBrowser is not involved in the segmentation process; it is a tool to aid visualization of the segmentation results. It can be used for clinical cases, as well as a teaching tool.

Note that because of the limited network bandwidth it can take some time to download the applet. Even after it reports to be initialized, it takes several minutes for all the images to be displayed on the screen. For the same reason it is advisable to use the middle button on the mouse while using the scales, as it will reduce a number of times the images are updated. You can obtain a significant speedup by downloading the images and running the applet locally. Contact Polina Golland for more information on copyright issues and obtaining the necessary data.

See instructions for more information on how to use the applet.

Atlas Cases

Clinical Cases

More cases can be found on the AnatomyBrowser web page at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Selected Publication

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