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Photos by Philip Greenspun
(Click for even closer-ups)

The picture on the left is a close-up of the mandibles. To the right is a shot of the right-front tread.

Mandibles in Action:

This sequence of pictures shows one of the Ants picking up some food. Want a better view? Here are some MPEGs of the same thing.
  • An Ant picking up food. (287K MPEG)
  • Cleo (a prototype Ant) following light and picking up food. (329K MPEG)

    Ants Anting:

  • Goliath (precursor to the Ants) running the colon maze. (562K MPEG)
  • An Ant following light. (499K MPEG)

    Ants Days:

    Most of the parts for the Ants were built in two marathon Sunday construction binges, otherwise known as Ant Day and Ant Day II. Over 28 total hours were spent by grad students, staff and undergrads building gearboxes, microprocessor boards, motor controller circuits, and countless other ant parts. When the pizza was eaten and the smoke settled, there were six new robots in the AI Lab: Anita, Hope, Kisha, Niqi, Sandra, and Tracie. These robots were joined six months later by Dasa, Jennifer, Keila, La Shaun, Lisa, and Michelle.
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