The Ants in the Media

Everybody likes the Ants!
Here is an incomplete list of some of the media attention this project has generated:


Jet, July 4th, 1994
Discover, October 1994
Omni, Janurary 1995
Popular Mechanics, May 1995
Busines Week
MIT Spectrum, Fall 1995
MIT Technology Review, Janurary 1996
And a whole bunch of newspapers and foreign magazines, including a column by Dave Barry.


CBS, Good Morning America
NBC, Breakthroughs - Amazing Things to Come
Discovery Channel, Popular Mechanics Magazine
ZDF, The Knoff Hoff Show (Germany)
And about three or four foreign shows that I can't find the tapes for.

Coming Soon...

The Discovery Channel, Nextstep

Three cheers for the MIT News Office!

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