Technical Specifications

Width (Excluding whiskers): 1.4 inch
Legnth (Excluding whiskers): 1.4 inch
Height: 1.2 inch
Weight: 1.18 oz

Total Battery Voltage: 2.4 volts
Batery Type: Varta VT110 1.2v NiCd cells
Bettery Life: 20min

Motor Stall Torque: .5 oz/inch
Wheel Radius: .25 inch
Max Speed: .5 ft/sec
Gear Ratio: 59:1

CPU: Motorola M68HC11E9 in the TQFP package
Clock Speed: 2Mhz
Memory: Xicor X68C75 8k EEPROM

4 Infrared Receivers
4 Light Sensors
2 Bump Sensors
5 Food Sensors
1 Tilt Sensor
2 Mandible Position Sensors
1 Battery Voltage Sensor

1 IR Beacon Emitter
1 IR Tag Emitter
3 Mood LEDs

One robot (Anita) equiped with 1200 baud radio transmitter.

Cost: $300 in parts and who knows how many hundreds of thousands in labor.

Future Developments:

AntCam for simple video processing.

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