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Many important applications with massive memory and/or computational requirements can be sped up on a multiprocessor system. However, today's parallel machines suffer in varying degrees from poor programmability, inadequate network performance, and limited scalability. There is a need for programmable high-bandwidth systems which are scalable to one million processing nodes and beyond.

To achieve this goal it is necessary to reevaluate system design from top to bottom. Monolithic processors which devote millions of transistors to running a sequential stream of instructions must give way to simpler and more efficient processing nodes which allow multiprocessing on a single die and provide greater overall performance. A high bandwidth network is required for running communications-intensive programs with poor or unpredictable locality. The operating system must manage system resources securely without hindering performance. Finally, a programming language and compiler are needed which allow programmers to express parallel constructs in a natural manner.

The Aries research group consists of a number of integrated projects which will be brought together in the design and implementation of a complete system. Both the design process and the final product will be instrumental in understanding the challenges associated with developping a successful massively parallel machine.

Research Goals

Architectural Goals

This work is supported by DARPA/AFOSR contract number F306029810172

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