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Post-Modular Systems Papers


Microsoft Word and I aren't doing any better today, but a new(er) paper is out. Like the other, in pieces if you want postscript (or in one piece as html):

9/96: (Back then, this was called "neo-modular systems")

Microsoft Word and I are having a bad day. The first neo-modular systems paper is available, but it's in two pieces: the first page (postscript, 18K), and the rest (postscript, 83K). Or maybe I should say it's intentional, since this way you can get a look at the first page without downloading it all :o)

A project proposal is also available. Here's the abstract:

Post-Modular Systems is a part of the Cognitive Robotics project of Professor Lynn Andrea Stein's AP group at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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