M I T   A I   L A B

Our main objective is the integration of sensor physics and the tools of statistical analysis and modeling into Image Understanding (IU) methods and techniques. We believe that a precise analysis of sensor physics, performance and noise will lead to new models and approaches that suggest novel ways in which IU concepts need to be adapted and extended in order to make optimal use of all available data. The set of interrelated research topics that will serve as the initial focus for our research include:

  • Multiresolution SAR-based ATR
  • SAR-based ATR incorporating pose-dependent SAR image formation and analysis


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Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department: Artificial Intelligence Lab
Principle Investigators: Paul Viola
Eric Grimson
Alan Willsky
Other Investigators: John Fisher
Jeremy S. De Bonet
Jeffrey Shapiro
William Wells
Technical Area: Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) at the MIT AI Lab

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AI Lab Webmaster ( webmaster@ai.mit.edu)
Jeremy S. De Bonet ( jsd@ai.mit.edu)
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
545 Technology Square (MIT NE43)
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