Advanced Object-Oriented Dynamic Language (OODL) Implementation Course
Date 17MAY00
News Advanced Object-Oriented Dynamic Language (OODL) Implementation course will be offered in the Spring of 2001 at MIT. The course will cover implementation techniques for advanced object-oriented dynamic languages (OODL). OODL's address the increasing demands for quick time to market by attempting to narrow the gap between conception and realization through a higher level of abstraction, clean semantics, automatic memory management, incremental development, and reflection. We will present a series of compiler and runtime implementation techniques which permit the efficient delivery of these language / development environment features. This course is meant to complement a traditional compiler course (e.g., 6.035) through the presentation of cutting edge compilation techniques such as dynamic compilation, type inference, partial evaluation, feedback guided compilation, automatic inlining, class hierarchy analysis, object layout, etc. Going beyond compilers we will also present runtime system techniques such as fast multimethod dispatch, generational garbage collection, dependency tracking, virtual machines, etc. Rounding this out we will discuss techniques for supporting advanced development environments such as dependency tracking, function/class redefinition, remote debugging, browsing/compiler databases, profiling feedback, etc. Throughout the course relevant language design principles will be discussed.