Isis: A programming language for responsive multimedia
Date Friday, 06 Oct. 2000
Time 2-3pm
Speaker Stefan Agamanolis
Affiliation PhD. Candidate, MIT Media Lab
Abstract Isis, named after the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility, is a programming language that is tailored in a number of ways, both in syntax and internal operation, to support the development of demanding responsive media applications. It is being developed at the MIT Media Lab, where over the past four years it has been used to build several major prototypes and demonstrations, ranging from distributed telepresence systems to hyperlinked television soap operas to interactive art installations. In this talk I will introduce the language, which looks a bit like Scheme but is quite different underneath, and discuss the ups and downs of its design. I will also show some videotapes documenting projects created with the language.
Location 545 Technology Square (aka "NE43")
Room 8th floor play room