LIJOS: A Lisp Implementation of the Java ObjectStream
Date Friday, 30JUN00
Time 2-3pm
Speaker Nichael Cramer
Affiliation Point and Click Solutions
Abstract LIJOS is a Lisp implementation of the Java DataStreams and the serializing ObjectStreams. LIJOS allows the direct serialized transfer of objects and other data between Lisp and Java systems.

A major design goal for the LIJOS systems is that it be a "pure" Lisp implementation in the sense that it adhere strictly to the Java standard and that no modification to the Java system is required for its use. I will describe our experiences in the Lisp implementation, its handling of Lisp/Java type compatibilities, and plans for future work.

I will also briefly describe work on OMAR, a hybrid Lisp/Java human-modelling simulation system that was based on a serialization-stream mechanism which was precursor to the LIJOS system.
Location 545 Technology Square (aka "NE43")
Room 8th floor play room
Bio Nichael Cramer has been building Lisp (and later Java) systems for 19 years. Prior to joining Point and Click Solutions, he has worked at BBN and Texas Instruments. Nichael lives in southern Vermont with his wife Crystal and their two daughters.