Alien Goo: A Lightweight C Embedding Facility
Date Friday, December 19, 2003
Time 2-3pm
Speaker Jonathan Bachrach
Affiliation CSAIL
Abstract a big challenge in dynamic language design is how best to interface to c code. problems stem from type, syntax, and semantic mismatches between languages. many solutions have been proposed through the years. we first briefly present several c extension facilities for python as a case study. we then introduce a simple yet powerful c embedding facility, called alien goo, for the goo dynamic language which permits direct inlining of c inside of goo code escaping back into goo as needed. we argue that alien goo makes simple c call outs easy, c interfaces simple and more complicated interfaces manageable. we then show how alien goo can be used in conjunction with macros adding considerably to its power. these mechanisms can be used together to define interfaces in a declarative manner, while avoiding excess interface layers, combining calls, type conversions and goo specific operations. all of these features makes alien gooan extremely lightweight and powerful c interface mechanism.
Location 200 Technology Square (aka "NE43")
Room 8th Floor Playroom
Bio CSAIL Research Scientist