MAST: A dynamic language for active network programming
Date Friday, March 08, 2002
Time 2-3pm
Speaker Dimitris Vyzovitis
Affiliation MIT Media Lab
Abstract Modern distributed applications require more than the traditional byte-stream abstraction of the network. Applications require multiple protocols for actively dealing with various parts of complex interactions: service location, dynamic configuration and control, and transport in application dependent data units. On the same time, these protocols are characterized by common algorithms, object interactions and data representation within the application domain, calling for a language that can capture and efficiently express programs in this common framework.

In this talk I informally present MAST, an experimental dynamic language for active network programming, based on a distributed environment model and asynchronous continuations. I present the current language semantics, virtual machine design, and example applications ranging from active unicast and multicast transport protocol implementations to peer-to-peer systems, and discuss the ramifications of this approach.
Location 545 Technology Square (aka "NE43")
Room 8th Floor Playroom
Bio MIT Media Lab graduate student