Writing Server-based Applications in Lisp
Date Friday, 28JUL00
Time 2-3pm
Speaker Paul Graham
Affiliation Founder Viaweb
Abstract Yahoo! Store (formerly Viaweb) is the most widely used e-commerce software, running over 10,000 stores. It is largely written in Lisp. Writing server-based applications turns out to be different in many ways from writing desktop software. This talk will outline some of the pecularities of this strange new world, and explain how Lisp turns out to be perfectly suited for it.
Location 545 Technology Square (aka "NE43")
Room 8th Floor Playroom
Bio Paul Graham most recently worked for Yahoo! Inc. Previously he was president of Viaweb, which became Yahoo! Store when Viaweb was acquired by Yahoo! in the summer of 1998.

Paul is the author of On Lisp (Prentice Hall, 1993) and ANSI Common Lisp (Prentice Hall, 1995), now the standard college text. He has worked as a consultant to the US Department of Energy, DuPont, and Interleaf. He has an AB from Cornell and a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard.