To install AgencyGP, do this:

1. Make sure the source you are installing from has all of the following files:

AgencyGPHelp (folder)

2. Drop all of these files/folders into the X:\aw\maya3.0\bin\plug-ins directory.
3. Start Maya 3.0.
4. Go to Window->Settings/Preferences->Plug-in Manager...
5. From the Plugin Manager, check BOTH AgencyGP "loaded" and "auto load".
6. Close the Plugin Manager.
7. In the command line at the bottom of the screen, type "agency", but do not hit return.
8. Highlight the word "agency" and drag it up into the default shelf. A new button should appear saying "mel".
9. Choose "Shelf Editor..." from the dropdown menu on the left side of the default shelf.
10. Scroll to the bottom of the list of commands. You should see "agency".
11. Select it, and hit the "Change Image..." button.
12. Select the file "X:\aw\maya3.0\bin\plug-ins\AgencyIcon.bmp".
13. Change "Label:" from "agency" to "AgencyGP".
14. Hit the "Close" button.
15. Immediately quit Maya.
16. Restart Maya and confirm that the button is still there and that it runs AgencyGP properly.