Retired Robots
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The Frankie project

The Frankie project seeks to build a state-of-the-art mobile robot using very low cost technology.

Current status (April 13 1994)

At present, the Frankie system is a limited reimplementation of Polly, a low cost vision-based robot that gives primitive tours of our lab. The current Frankie system implements the collision-avoidance algorithm from Polly on a $700 active vision system. The algorithm is perhaps the most exhaustively tested vision navigation algorithm to date, having been demonstrated at such diverse locations as the 1993 AAAI conference and West Point.

We are presently developing support hardware and software for the system:

Long-term goals

Our goal is to have Frankie not only give tours, but also read its email and answer simple questions about the lab over the web. Frankie will use radio modems both to log into the local Unix cluster and to upload slow-scan video to the internet.


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