The square has long been known as one of the "funkiest" sections of Cambridge. Home to one of the best second hand stores, Cheap Records, a favorite store for music buffs, and Skippy Whites, a popular place among the younger crowd, Central Square is always filled with residents, as well as tourists. But the interesting stores are not all that make Central Square so special. Central Square is the only square that is has a community around it that is richly diverse in ethnic, cultural, race, and religious background (one of the oldest churches in cambridge, as well as many others, fill the area), as well as social, and economic backgrounds. Throughout the summer the community celebrates all of these cultures with festivals and celebrations, like The International Food Festival, The Charles River Festival and, The Greek Festival. So, come experience and celebrate with the community, as well as visiting some of the hot clubs, and taverns in the square, and enjoy.

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