One of the more professional, rather than community based squares, is Kendall Square. Packed with banks, offices, and reasearch labs, Kendall Square is often a constant blur of business suits and fax machines. Meanwhile, in the background, Kendall Square gives the hustle of the modern crowd a contrasting image with its large, brick buildings that give off an old fashioned appeal. Kendall Square is also a major part of Massachusetts high-tech industry since it is the home to the ever-busy Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Where else can a hard-working scientist keep tabs on the newest research going on at MIT, and also remain close to Boston?

But Kendall Square is not all work and no play. The MIT Branch of the Cambridge Cooparative Society (COOP) is located in the heart of the square, as well as many small cafes and restaurants.

Just a shuttle bus ride away lies the Cambridgeside Galleria, and for those who enjoy relaxing while taking in the sights, Kendall Square offers one of the best panoramic views of Boston, along with a beautiful Charles River waterfront to relax on.

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