Years ago, Porter Square was a haven for the meat industry in America, now it has become a beautiful area to shop, eat, or just wander. Arriving in the Square from the Red Line via the newly built Porter Square "T" stop is a pleasure itself. The Porter Square Station is architecturally interesting with the longest escalator in any subway station in the city, and plenty of beautiful urban art to view. Above ground, Porter Square has recently attracted a sizable number of specialty shops and restaurants. Greek, Italian, French, and Indian cuisine are just a few choices that a hungry visitor can make in the Porter Square area. But do not go right for the center of the square , heading back towards Harvard Square on Massachusetts Ave there are manysmall business and restaurants to discover, as well as some history. The oldest house in Cambridge is located on Linean Street, just a few blocks away from the square, and the old Sears and Roebucks Building which now house an array of smaller stores, and many antique shops which house some history of their own.

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