Directions To The Voter

In a PR election you may vote for as many of the candidates listed on the ballot as you wish. You must, however, indicate the order of your preference among the various candidates for whom you vote.

Mark your preferences with numbers only. Put the number "1" next to the name of the candidate who is your first choice. Put the numbers "2", "3", "4", etc. next to the names of other candidates in the order of your preference to indicate your second, third, fourth, etc. choices.

Be careful not to put the same number next to more than one candidate's name as this invalidates the votes cast for those candidates. Your other choices will be counted, however, if they are ranked by preference.

If you mark an X or put a check mark next to all candidates' names, your entire ballot becomes invalid and cannot be counted.

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Last updated on July 18, 1995.