NPR Electronic Open Meeting

Welcome to the NPR Open Meeting on Reinventing Government!

This is an opportunity for each of us to share ideas and experiences about making government work better and cost less. It is a chance to tell other federal workers how you are meeting the challenges of reinventing government and to learn how they are meeting similar challenges of their own.

The Meeting is organized around the recommendations in ten reports by the National Performance Review which deal with the reinvention of functional systems that are common to departments, agencies and other organizations. Look at recommendations for those systems that interest or involve you and help all of us figure out the best ways to put those recommendations into practice. You can do this by commenting on a recommendation or on an action designed to realize it. To help organize this discussion we ask you to frame each of your comments as one of the following kinds of links:

Question: A question about a recommendation or action;
Answer: An answer to someone else's question;
Promising Practice: A report of a promising practice that illustrates one good way to realize a recommendation;
Agree: A reason to support the recommendation or action;
Qualify: A qualification that explains exceptions or extensions for a recommendation or action;
Alternative: An alternative way to implement a recommendation or action;
Disagree: A reason to challenge why or how it can work.

You can also use any of these types to comment on other comments that have been posted.

To reduce the number of redundant comments and to keep discussions on track, moderators will filter the comments before posting them and occasionally issue summaries of a discussion. We believe these features, like rules of order in face-to-face meetings, can encourage a rich exchange of information, while letting useful conversations emerge.

To give participants a stock of shared background knowledge, other parts of the NPR reports and documents specially prepared for this meeting are available online in linked structures. When you choose one of the systems that interest you from the list below, you will first see a table of contents for these texts. We urge you to begin by reading the overview.

- Improving Program Design [7]
- Improving Environmental Management [19]
- Improving Financial Management [66]
- Strengthening the Partnership in Intergovernmental Service Delivery [20]
- Human Resource Management [64]
- Improving Customer Service [17]
- Reengineering Through Information Technology [66]
- Creating Quality Leadership and Management [19]
- Reinventing Federal Procurement [83]
- Improving Regulatory Systems [34]
- Streamlining Management Control [29]